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  Estate Planning and Administration

One of our primary goals is to help you preserve the assets that you have worked so hard to obtain. We regularly save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping them to minimize estate, gift and income taxes. In addition, we assist our clients by structuring their estates to provide for the efficient management of their affairs both during their lifetimes and after their deaths, and by clarifying their objectives regarding the disposition of their accumulated wealth.

Estate planning and administration are complex areas of the law that require significant expertise. For over 30 years a large part of our practice has been focused in these areas.

Based on your needs, we will create an individualized estate plan utilizing Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, various types of trust arrangements, asset protection devices, Family Limited Partnerships and other entities. We can also help you to accumulate more assets and minimize taxes through proper planning with your IRA accounts or other retirement benefits. Many individuals have accumulated substantial assets in retirement accounts and proper planning is critical to ensure that you get the maximum benefits afforded by complex laws relating to these accounts.

We provide complete estate administration services to guide and assist you through all aspects of probate and the estate settlement process. Our estate administration practice is geared toward making the settlement process as easy as possible for you and saving the maximum amount of estate and income taxes. Our firm handles all aspects of the estate settlement process, including the preparation of required state and federal estate tax returns, which results in considerable savings to our clients. We can also assist you with trust administration and the preparation of fiduciary income tax and gift tax returns.

In addition, will contests and other issues seem to be arising more frequently in connection with the settlement of estates. If you are confronted with these issues, we can provide you with experienced advice and representation in connection with litigation and the ultimate resolution of such disputes .

Contact us today for a FREE information kit and a copy of our Estate Organizer. This will help you to more efficiently manage your financial affairs and to ease the estate administration burden for your heirs.

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